About us

Fidagre AG was founded in 2000 to bring together the synergistic energies of different partners and societies. This is intended to ensure efficient cooperation between project owners and investors in the design and financing of projects and to combine the entire process under the management of Fidagre AG as a consultant.

These connections provide a solid basis for the effective promotion of high-yielding projects and start-ups, which is based on a broad base of investors.

Our strengths lie in pooling synergies of the necessary human, industrial, technical and financial resources, all of which are generated, controlled, coordinated and managed by Fidagre AG in order to always achieve the best result.

Fidagre AG is directly or indirectly involved in a wide range of national and international projects. Project development ranges from innovative energy, waste and environmental projects and the development of sales concepts for selected premium products.

The start-ups, projects and partners come from different regions of the world and, as mentioned above, are coordinated, supported and accompanied by Fidagre AG.

A solid and prudent selection of investors and partners are then the factors for a successful start of each project and the associated investment.

Fidagre AG provides clear concepts that will also help you realize your project. We implement the planning that you have created by providing you with security in your project.

Since the beginning of 2019, Fidagre AG has also been involved in Iraq to support reconstruction and democratization.

That is why the German-Iraqi Business Council was opened by Fidagre AG.