CO2 DECAT concept for the use of waste and flue gases as energy sources

The concept worked out by Fidagre AG is based on the use of its own production waste as a substitute fuel and the complete use of the resulting smoke gases.

A waste reduction of up to 100% is possible here. In addition, the resulting flue gases are used 100% as energy carriers and valuable materials.

  • The result is 99.9% clean air!
  • Savings in waste disposal fees up to 100%
  • Any production sludge that arises is reused in-house. (Depending on the customer-specific concept)
  • Considerable fuel savings by adding the CO2 DECAT failure products.
  • The chemical processes during the CO2 DECAT process create raw materials that can be used in industry through sale to third parties.
  • A valuable synthetic fuel is created for aircraft, trucks and cars with which up to 65% of CO2 emissions can be saved.
  • The DECAT process does not generate any waste. Everything is reusable.
  • all pollutants including CO2 in the flue gases are used.

This CO2 DECAT project concept is economical and easy to use for most companies.

The proven technology facilitates entry into CO2 DECAT technology and emission-free production.