Fidagre goes crypto supports the Cifra.Fund.

Cifra.Fund is a new platform, which is characterized by the fact that it is built on a solid basis and is based on the many years of experience of the developers in the forex market. This results in optimized earnings that are not concentrated on short-term achievable earnings but rather result from long-term solid results.

We personally invite you to join our fund.

Cifra dFund 1 | Trading strategy


In order to develop a suitable strategy, the objective must first be clarified. It is not enough to specify, for example, “make as much profit as possible” as the goal, since this approach ignores the risks and the course of events.
We have therefore defined the target of achieving a maximum possible return within these parameters within a specified, reasonable volatility with the most even income trend possible.
It is well known that there is a lot of money to be made in the field of crypto currencies. However, the market fluctuations are too great for most investors for a pure buy and hold approach. Even with good purchase timing, you will not be spared from a decline in the net asset value of more than 50%, starting from the peak values. Trading strategies such as day trading, market technology, scalping or momentum trading also harbor a potentially high volatility risk with crypto currencies.

We have developed a trading strategy that converts the high crypto volatility from a potentially negative factor to a positive effect that opens up excellent trading opportunities for us.

Our strategy not only reduces the risk that the high fluctuation range in crypto values creates, but also benefits from it – and all of this is largely market-neutral. This means that with our strategy it doesn’t matter whether the crypto markets are rising, falling or trending sideways. Even severe market downturns did not cause our trading strategy any problems; on the contrary, they even turned out to be very profitable.