We need your support as an investor

We need you as an investor for CO2 DECAT Technology by F.J. Philipp!

We gladly share our successes to make the earth cleaner again. We think, each one of you is aware that we can survive on this incredibly beautiful rock in the vastness of the universe only if we all rethink!

That’s why we need you as an investor to create fast solutions!

None of us can and want to wait more;

  • until hesitant politicians decide something and take responsibility.
  • the industry gives up its negative attitude towards investing in the environment.
  • to those responsible for the “17. BIMSCH “and the” TA Luft “is enough, as long as they only have to comply with these specifications.
  • long process paths over decades the problem of environmental problems.
  • emissions are well written or talked to continue to blow the dirt under the guise of need to the environment.
  • Emissions are negated because they are allegedly generated sustainably, e.g. in the waste incineration.

There is no time for us all! We all need to rethink and act!

What do we need your money for?

We have developed concepts to help decision-makers in industry, politics and, above all, the authorities, to quickly switch to CO2 DECAT and thus create effective solutions for the environment and for our well-being.

This concept envisages that we will make the first plants available to businesses against a usage fee. However, the necessary planning and concepts are individual for each system and must be adapted to the existing conditions. We have to pre-finance these steps. For this we need you as investors.

The minimum investment in CO2 DECAT is € 5,000.00. You will then receive 4.50% p.A. after the 2nd year.

From a deposit of € 50,000.00 you will receive 5.00% p.A. after the 2nd year.

For detailed information on this crowd investment, please contact us.


The investments are not made for third parties, but exclusively support us directly in our efforts to quickly and effectively promote our CO2 Energy technology in the market and to realize our concepts.

The intrest payouts start after 24 months.