The first CO2 energy plant goes into operation

A new era for environmental protection and air purification starts in February.

Example planning for approx. 100,000 m³ of smoke gases

Fidagre AG is starting a new era in environmental protection. We will start operating the first CO2 Energy system at a customer in February 2020. This plant will purify 10,000 m³ of flue gases per hour.

This is the first time that an entire production line has been realized at a ceramic manufacturer without CO2 emissions in the exhaust gas. CO2 thus becomes an energy source and is 99.9% filtered out of the exhaust air.

As a positive side effect, all fine dust, nitrogen oxides and other partially toxic additives are filtered out of the flue gases.

The effectiveness of CO2 Energy Technology according to F.J. Philipp successfully occupied in industrial operation for the first time.

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