NAM Care Hotel Center is one of the most innovative clinic hotel projects in the healthcare sector. It is also registered as a social-humanitarian UN project. (UN No .: 3906 alphabet as of 2019)

A completely new concept is being implemented for the first time, which implements the highest medical standards with outpatient surgery as well as patient care.

At the same time, the highest international standards are set in the training of medical and nursing staff, as the NAM Care Hotel Center has as well an integrated university campus and nursing school.

In addition, the standard of a luxury hotel is maintained as all Castellas are self-contained units with medical supply consoles. Each Castella is also supplied via a first-class kitchen either centrally in the restaurant area or decentralize in the individual units.

The Castellas are always to be understood as a closed residential unit in which the patient either lives alone or with family members like in a hotel suite during his care. Probably the most pleasant way to combine medical treatment with a vacation.

In addition, a cultural center with lecture and event rooms, its own cinema, restaurants, bar and library ensure sufficient variety.

To support this UN-funded social and humanitarian project, we ask you to donate via this link. (UN No .: 3906 alphabet as of 2019)