Use CO2 Energy in your company too

CO2 Energy, the first functional technology to remove all contaminants in flue gases

Ask us how your company can be made CO2 neutral.

For the first time in history, flue gases have been completely and efficiently freed from CO2 and all contaminants and decarbonised.

Every system that produces flue gases can be completely emission-free with the help of CO2 Energy technology. There is also no difference between the types of energy sources with which the flue gases are generated.

For each system, an individual concept must be developed that is fixed in an expert opinion. This means that every customer has the highest degree of planning security.

CO2 Energy Technology by F.J. Philipp

Carbon Innvations GmbH and Fidagre AG are working together to introduce the first operational system for the purification of industrial waste gases. The name of this technology is CO2 Energy according to F.J. Phillip

The policy is helpless and headless in the current discussion about climate policy. The CO2 , known as the climate killer, from the exhaust fumes of industry is a ubiquitous specter. Even the affected industries have so far not really portable and efficient solutions. Furthermore, many other much more harmful emissions are also blown into the environment with the exhaust gases.

Only the issued CO2 certificates do not cause any positive changes in the emissions of the emissions contained in the flue gas. Industry and, above all, politics have to rethink massively. The CO2 Energy Technology is a first real alternative.

CO2 Energy Technology is the first marketable process to remove 99,9% of CO2 from the exhaust gases. In addition all other toxic substances contained in the flue gases are also recorded.

This means that CO2 is no longer hazardous waste, but becomes a valuable raw material. With the catalytic converter (Cat3), CO2 is reconditioned and thus returned to the recycling cycle as a raw material.

The core of this technology is an effective, efficient, scalable and robust system of catalysts (units) (see picture below). These can be easily integrated into any existing system. Any kind and mix of emission can now be processed. Not only is all the CO2 dissolved out, but all other gas components are efficiently purified and bound in the catalytic converter (Cat3).

CO2 Energy

The CO2 components thus bound in the catalyt (Cat3) are now extracted again in a further work step. This results in useful products such as additives to building materials, non-combustible carbon materials and the basic material for a synthetic, climate-friendly fuel that can be used in both engines and jet fuel. This synthetic fuel then burns to near-zero emissions to water vapor.

"Social-Media" meets "Blogs"

“Social Media” meets “Blog” CEO of Fidagre AG attends the event.

The CEO of Fidagre AG will visit the event of Pierre Grodecki and Concierge Gerry on 18.09.2019 at 5 p.m. at the Ming Business Center Berlin.

Fidagre AG will contribute an experience report. Opportunities for use are also shown.

Delegation of the “Iraqi Federation of Industries” want to visit Germany.

In the end of September 2019 Fidagre AG expects a delegation of managers of the Iraqi industry.

Visits to medium-sized companies in Berlin and Brandenburg are planned.

Also planned is a visit of the IHK Ostbrandenburg in Frankfurt / Oder to a lecture of the CEO of “IHK Projektgesellschaft mbH” with the topic “Further training initiatives of the IHK Ostbrandenburg in cooperation with the Fidagre AG”.

Interested entrepreneurs and investors register at Fidagre AG for the entrepreneurs meeting.

Dr. Al-Fakhri official adviser to the Iraqi Federation of Industry

The Iraqi Federation of Industry has appointed our team member Mohammad Al-Fakhri confirmed as official adviser.

Dr. Al-Fakhri of Fidagre AG was appointed and confirmed as official consultant to the Federation of Iraqi Industry on 20.06.2019.

His tasks include the mediation of contacts between Iraqi companies and European companies, mainly from the DACH region. Special requirements here are the education and training of specialists in the industrial sector. To this end, Fidagre AG prepares special seminars in cooperation with the IHK Ostbrandenburg.

Dr. Al-Fakhri has been successful in establishing business relationships between Arab countries and entrepreneurs from Europe for many years. As a commercial Attaché to the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Al-Fakhri can look back on a successful career.

Fidagre AG advises on the execution of your private insolvency

Private bankruptcy in Latvia the alternative for debtors from the DACH region

Fidagre AG advises you on the settlement of your private insolvency in Latvia.

To this end, Fidagre AG has built up a solid base in Latvia. Debtors from the DACH region will thus be able to move to Latvia and apply for their private insolvency.

Based on the current European regulations, you will receive your decision of a residual judgment in Latvia within a maximum of 3 years.

This decision is then valid for all member states of the EU and they are therefore also considered debt-free in your home country. This also applies to your possible tax debts!

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the European Union.

Fidagre AG advises on the implementation of its private insolvency

Private insolvency in Latvia the alternative for debtors from the DACH region

Fidagre AG advises you on the resolution of your private insolvency in Latvia. 

To this end, Fidagre AG has built up a solid foundation in Latvia. Debtors from the DACH region will thus be able to move to Latvia and apply for private insolvency there.

Under the current European rules, you will receive your decision to discharge the debt from a Latvian-based court within a maximum of 3 years. 

This decision is then valid for all EU member states and is therefore also considered debt-free in your home country. This also applies to your possible tax debts!

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the European Union.

„Google Ads“ meets „Blog“ coaching by Fidagre AG

Pierre Grodecki and the Concierge successfully completed the first seminar “Google Ads” meets “Blog”. The Fidagre AG team accompanied the lectures and successfully prepared the speakers by the Fidagre Coaching.

Fidagre AG advises Pierre Grodecki and Concierge Gerry on their seminar “Google Ads” meets “Blog” in the “Ming Business Center Berlin”

On 17.06.2019 Pierre Grodecki and Concierge Gerry organize an SEA and SEO seminar.

Pierre Grodecki as “Google Ads” specialist talks about the benefits of “Google Ads” applications for businesses and startups. He provides examples and experiences in order to show the participants the benefits of plasticity.

Concierge Gerry talks about the complexities of bloggers and blogging. This with the special attention to show the advantages for companies and start ups. In particular, how to use an active blogger with a long reach successfully to build and expand their own brand awareness. He underlines his successful work on the basis of many provable examples.

Constructive discussions for breakfast at Concierge Gerry in the Hotel Monbijou with Bianka Aversente from the MIT and the BDS.

Fidagre AG once again visited the concierge at Hotel Monbijou and met Bianka Aversente from MIT (Mittelstands und Wirtschaftsvereinigung der CDU) and the BDS (Confederation of Self-Employed). Joint synergies and projects were discussed. The Fidagre team is looking forward to a future joint venture.

Healthy water! – A must for our body

Fidagre AG is building the Wassermatrix Info Center Berlin with its subsidiary Projekta GmbH in Berlin.

Here we answer the following vital questions:

  • How do I keep my body healthy and fit by energizing water that I consume.
  • How can I energize the water in my body to relieve physical blockages and improve my personal well-being in everyday life.
  • What happens in and with my cells when I consume energized water and when I energize the water in my cells.
  • Are the pharmaceuticals that I possibly take to me an absolute must or are there alternatives.

When and where we will open the Projekta Information Center will be announced shortly.

World of Recommendations-Concierge Gerry

A project by Concierge Gerry will completely renew the world of recommendations.

19 years ago, Concierge Gerry launched his “e-concierge” network, creating the “world of recommendations.”

In the meantime, a community has emerged from this. The concierges active in the network are networked in all areas of life and the economy. In doing so, they provide access to recommendations used by members, participants and visitors as part of their own intresses.

After all, 2.0 million page views are already counted on the website alone.

In order to be able to expand this network further, especially internationally, a structured back organization is required. For this, the community wants investors.