Basics and objectives CO2 DECAT

The basis and objective lies in the collection of waste and exhaust gases as valuable raw materials and the almost full and complete return of the corresponding substances into the economic cycle. In addition to the positive effects on the environment and society, a high level of economic efficiency should be achieved. In addition, jobs are secured and expanded or even newly created. In addition, there is further positive development potential for users of CO2 DECAT.

In the light of current environmental demands and climate protection goals, and in particular the reduction of CO2 emissions, CO2 DECAT offers far-reaching and future-oriented solutions.

The solution consists of a highly innovative technology package with corresponding process chains

It should be emphasized here that the CO2 DECAT technology achieves a high level of added value and thus economy, while at the same time solving our most urgent environmental problems.

  • Recycling of waste (except radioactive waste) and exhaust gases – especially CO2 – as well as all other components / pollutants of the exhaust gases.
  • Generation of energy, system for the production and utilization of storable energy carriers with highest efficiency.
  • The utilization of generated electricity and heat in their own locations creates a clear independence from external providers and their price structures.
  • Economical production of a wide range of by-products of high market value, e.g. Catalyst materials, building and construction additives, non-combustible carbon fibers as composites, etc.
  • Highest adaptation variability to the different locations, conditions and areas of application.
  • Easy to use with the DECAT Catalyzer 3 ( CAT3 ) and Special Radiation (RAD) .
  • Almost fully applicable to all industrial installations with CO2 emissions.
  • Significant savings because no more CO2 tax or CO2 certificates have to be purchased.
  • Maintaining and creating jobs in the coal regions.
  • New concepts and impulses for the coal-fired power plants intended for shutdown as well as for all industrial users of fossil fuels.
  • Generation of green energy / electricity.
  • Generating a storable energy source from the utilization of the CO2 -containing exhaust gases.
  • Production of high quality non-flammable carbon fiber for a wide range of applications.
  • Production of a special composite material with a high utility value.
  • Efficient transformation of waste and exhaust gases into almost CO2 neutral energy.
  • High efficiency of the systems.
CO2 Energy Modul

Only through the use of CO2 DECAT Technology takes a quick amortization of the investment costs of the necessary equipment.